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Eco Buzz Nopaper Towels - washable, thick and strong nopaper towel

  • Great alternative to paper towels, helping you reduce waste, create a sustainable lifestyle.  Can last for years, the nopaper towel is washable, reusable and you can use it again and again, less trips to the shops and costs in doing so to buy traditional paper towels. 
  • One of a kind design based on a painting, making a beautiful look for your kitchen, counter-top, pantry or even toilet with our collaborative fresh fabric nordic style design.  The dimensions are 10  inches by 10 inches.  They are heavy duty and are biodegradable after use because they are compostable, disposable and recyclable.
  • Our miracle nopaper kitchen towels make a great zero waste housewarming gift for you or someone else as these look great in any kitchen or pantry and look great on your countertop.  Super absorbent.
  • Versatile uses - These cloths can be used as napkins or wipes for hands and faces, they are super soft.  Machine washable and quick drying.  Take them with you even when you travel.  100% cotton; Vegan.
  • Ecofriendly - Ecobuzz reusable cleaning cloths are the perfect tool for any chores normally dealt with by non environmental cloths and tissues. These large ultra cloths make for easy use drying, washing, mopping up any mess. They have been designed to last.  The towels fit a standard towel holder perfectly.

Tackle messes and clean up easily

Our reusable paper towels are made with 100% cotton fabrics, and they boast an one of a kind design on the cotton facing.  These towels are absorbent and soft, they mop up messes easily. Reusable nopaper Towels can be used to wrap utensils for the table as napkins, or they can be added to your lunch bag or travels as a fun and zero waste paper napkin alternative.

Stop throwing away paper towels with this reusable alternative.

Every year, Americans add 13 billion pounds of discarded paper towels to landfills. Not only does this cost the environment millions of trees and processing power but it also costs you hundreds of dollars. Ecobuzz has a solution with these Reusable Nopaper Towels, delivering all the convenience and cleaning power of disposable kitchen paper towels while saving you and the planet.

For all your home and kitchen needs.

These durable kitchen towels are made of cotton fabrics so they are soft & perfect for clean ups. They soak-up spilled drinks, clean ceramic cook tops, and act as hot pads or napkins. Use them throughout your home for dusting and cleaning in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and even for you car. When finished, simply put these 9.8” x 9.8” cloth paper towels into your washing machine. They emerge ready to tackle more household cleaning tasks and are environmentally friendly.

Environmental awareness

If every household in the United States cut its paper towel consumption by just 1 roll, it would spare almost 600,000 trees per year. Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to adopt a more zero waste lifestyle.  Reusable Nopaper Towels great make gifts as housewarming, Christmas or birthday gifts. You will not only be giving them a stylish gift, but also helping them to stretch their household budget and minimize their carbon footprint.