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A selection of our reviews from our customers.

These are the real deal!


These are absolutely awesome. I didn't even know this kind of product existed until just recently. Great quality, attractive design, ideal size, and excellent value. They are also really soft and very absorbent. Not only that, they are well-packaged and packaged using all sustainable materials (no plastic). Great product and seems like a responsible, forward-thinking company.

Can't go wrong with these!! Very happy with my purchase.

Paper Towel Replacements

One of these towels was enough to clean off the counters when I usually go through 6 or more paper towels. The texture/softness was OUTSTANDING compared to the paper as well. My sensitive skin makes my hands usually feel dry and irritated after using paper towels, but these nopaper towels have been saving my hands.

These are still thin like a paper towel without the breakage, so you can clean aggressively in small nooks/crannies without getting paper pieces everywhere.

No complaints yet on these. I haven't tried another brand yet but I love this one so much that I don't feel a need to check out others. I honestly tried this one for the cute design but stayed for the performance!

Helping the Environment

These are very cute I love the design, they stay on the holder and each other. Wish these type of products were cheaper or came more in a pack for your money. Although this set seems to be one of the better deals. However its helping the environment. I haven’t tested out the absorbency yet as I have not had any spills.'Love the design and practicality of these wipes, they are so easy to wash and re-use again and again; they look great on my counter-top.


'Thanks for trying to save the planet, I worry about my little baby son and the future that is forming.  I have totally changed my lifestyle since having him and no longer buy paper throw away kitchen towels.'