The Home of Eco Products and Zero Waste


Mission Statement 

Carbon FootprintFrom the beginning, Eco Buzz has provided high-quality, useful household products that are driven by consumer need, while  maintaining sustainability. Reducing the plastic waste going into landfill was our initial mission.  We have ensured that our products are zero waste, and by removing water from our products, we have reduced transport demands and our carbon footprint.

Our next mission is to give back, and so we have created the ‘Eco Buzz Mission,’ which focuses on particular environmental initiatives..

Tree Planting

For example, we share a  proportion of profits with like-minded  partners who share our values.

As part of Ecologi’s Climate Positive Workforce, we plant 281 trees every year. This offsets 21.6 tons of our CO2 emissions, helping us towards our goal of being a carbon neutral organisation.

 We are committed to eliminating plastic waste from our products and to helping reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and environment. Our partnership with Plastic Bank results in the recovery of 10,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles every month and contributes to recycling infrastructures. This makes recycling profitable for some of the world’s most poverty-stricken communities.

 We aim to limit the environmental impact of our transport requirements wherever we can. To this end, we have removed water, plastic and bulky packaging from our products whenever possible, allowing us to move more of our products in far fewer shipments.

Three Core Values

We Care, We Share: We care passionately about our people, what we do, the world we live in and our collective future. We are also completely transparent about all we do because we have nothing to hide.

Do More by Using Less: All our products save resources, reduce waste and encourage reusability - they do more for the planet because you use fewer resources.

Do Things Differently: Our products offer an alternative to traditional household products that have long been the only choice for families. We try to offer sustainability and quality without the additional cost.


     Closing the Loop - A Circular Business

    A traditional business model follows a linear pathway of production, distribution, usage and disposal.We want to remove that last element as much as we can with our products and encourage refill. We close the loop, design out waste, benefiting the planet and society. 

    Taking our inspiration from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation and the visionary principle of a circular economy, Eco Buzz focuses on three Rs - Rethink, Reduce and Reuse.