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Plastic Free July and Fun Facts

C Jenkinson | 14 July, 2021

            Plastic Free July and Fun Facts

On 3rd July 2021 the EU banned the below single use plastics in it’s 27 countries…  Bravo we say.

🍴 Cutlery, plates, straws and stirrers 👂Cotton bud sticks 🎈 Balloons and sticks for balloons 🥡 Food containers 🥤 Cups for beverages / beverage containers 🚬 Cigarette butts 🛍️ Plastic bags 🍫 Packets and wrappers

We love to see this BUT why stop at those?

5 things you didn’t know had plastic in…

🧾 Receipts

👄 Chewing gum

☕ Tea bags

🥫 Canned / tinned food

🧵 Clothes

Leaving as little impact on this earth as possible is our main priority and we want to make this an EASY and ACCESSIBLE aim for you to have as well.  

Any initiative to lower plastic use is great and we are fully behind any company who is making moves for a better planet.

However we are very aware that in the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle triangle, and recycling should always be the last option not the first ♻️. Reducing plastic waste is the best way to have a low impact on our planet. Use reusable and strive to not buy any single use products anymore, if there is an alternative.

We are the earth’s number one fan 🌍