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Natural Living - Healthier Planet, Healthier You

C Jenkinson | 26 July, 2021

            Natural Living - Healthier Planet, Healthier You

Adopting a natural lifestyle is a win-win choice - both you and the planet benefit. Here is how, in part, this works.

What Is a Natural Lifestyle?

There is a certain amount of individualism with regard to what's considered a natural lifestyle. Generally speaking, it refers to eating natural, whole foods, making eco-conscious choices, and seeking alternative health management wherever possible. Practitioners of natural lifestyles often have "green" motives and environmental concerns; others simply want to be healthier. The good news is, both goals can be accomplished in one natural lifestyle.

Eating Whole, Natural Foods

Whole, natural foods are those foods that are eaten in their natural state or as close to it as possible. Produce is the most obvious type of whole, natural food; beans, whole grains, and healthy meats and fish are also whole and natural. When you choose to consume whole foods, your health will likely benefit, because you won't be consuming processed, chemical-laden food that's often packed with empty calories. And the planet will benefit because you're not supporting the use of excessive packaging and manufacturing, all of which uses natural resources and energy. 

Also, when you eat whole, natural foods, you are not supporting the large fast-food chains whose often destructive environmental practices are well known. The negative effect that fast-food has on your health is also well documented. So giving it up in favor of natural foods is, once again, a benefit both to the planet and to your health.  

Making Eco-Conscious Choices

As you implement a natural lifestyle, you will find yourself becoming more eco-conscious - that is, you will probably begin to consider how your daily choices affect (or might potentially affect) the health of the planet. Here's the good news: eco-conscious decisions are probably healthier for your body, too.

When you decide, for example, to use natural flooring and furniture, your indoor air will likely be cleaner due to the lack of out-gassing from carpet glues, vinyl flooring, fabric dyes, and so forth. And the planet will be better off if you choose furniture and flooring made from eco-friendly materials such as sustainable wood and natural resin.

Natural Clothing

Part of a natural lifestyle often involves wearing clothing made from sustainable, natural materials such as organic cotton or linen. The planet benefits from this choice because it means one less person is buying chemically-treated, mass-produced clothing made from synthetic materials. You will benefit because wearing natural fibers is said to be much better for your health.