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Living Green Starts at Home

C Jenkinson | 07 July, 2021

            Living Green Starts at Home

You may have gotten the impression that living green involves some sort of enormous campaign that will take all of your time and send you all over the globe. While that may be a dream of some conservationists, you can live a green lifestyle in your own home. In fact, it begins here.

Here are some tips for implementing a green lifestyle at home.

The Kitchen

This is where you cook, use appliances, and wash hands and dishes. The kitchen may be where you eat, too. So this is a good place to start with your green lifestyle.

* Save water in the kitchen by not pre-rinsing dishes and only running the dishwasher when it's full. If you have to pre-rinse (some dishwashers just can't handle non-rinsed dishes), then do so in a sink half-full of water. Scrub and rinse with the water off, and then load the dishwasher. You've only used half a sinkful of water to pre-rinse. You can also save water in the kitchen by washing produce in a pan of water.  We also recommend using a dishwashing soap bar, rather than liquid in a plastic bottle.

* Appliance use is heavy in the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the stovetop. To save energy, you can combine the cooking of foods by baking more than one thing at the same time. On the stovetop, use residual heat where you can and place pots and pans on appropriately-sized stove eyes. 

If possible, use energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen. And your parents were right - don't hold the refrigerator door open!

Reduce as much waste as you can by not creating it in the first place, buy vegetables and fruit loose.  Use Unpaper towels like our Eco Buzz ones instead of kitchen paper towels and use eco sponges and wooden brushes.  There are many alternatives out there.

The Bedroom

In your bedroom, you can go green in some different ways. 

* Use natural bedding such as cotton sheets without a lot of heavy dyes and deep colors. 

* Place air-cleaning potted plants around your bedroom to purify the air. In kids' bedrooms, potted plants can also be implemented as long as they are out of reach of young children. 

The Living Room

In your main living space, you can go green by using fans to cool the room in the summer and a space heater to boost the central heat in the winter. You can also:

* Set potted plants around for cleaner air.

* Cover windows with shades or curtains to keep out hot sunshine in the summer, and open them in the winter to help warm the room.

* Make use of natural light as much as possible. Position reading chairs and couches so that window light comes from behind, over the reader's shoulder. Use small lamps with CFLs and timers. 

Peripheral Rooms

In rooms that are not being used, close vents to keep down heating and cooling costs and energy use. Make sure sunshine is not heating these rooms in the summer, and apply the same principle in reverse in the winter.